1. MIDSTATE TRAIL runs from Rhode Island to New Hampshire and is 92 miles long. An easy trail to follow-just look for the yellow triangles.

2. RUTLAND STATE PARK (DEM) and connected MDC land are part of the Ware River watershed. The park has a vast network of roads and trails, year round fishing, and a state operated swimming area with picnic tables. There is also a series of foundations, the remains of the old prison camp, a self supporting facility which grew its own food during the I 930s. State park trail maps are available at the park office, Rt. 122 west of the boat ramp and Crawford Street.

3. OLD MASS CENTRAL RR runs from Holden near Rt. 68 across Wachusett Street, across Glenwood Road, west to Rt. 56 and Miles Road, to Charnock Hill Road and through Rutland State Park where it crosses the Midstate Trail and continues on to Oakham. Clearing for a rail trail has begun on some sections.

4. CHARNOCK HILL ROAD Cemetery located on the west side of Charnock Hill Road at its northern end (where it becomes Intervale Road). Hessian well visible on the left side of Charnock Hill 114 mile in from Main Street is the last visible remains of Revolutionary War prison barracks.

5. PUTNAM PARK 70 acres town land with pond popular for ice skating.

6. COUNTRY ROADS WALK begins at Causway Street in Jefferson. In Rutland the route follows pleasant back roads from Emerald Road to Irish Lane, Prospect Street, Pleasantdale Road,Ware Road crossing Route I 22A into Rutland State Park.

7. ALTAVISTA BUFFALO FARM. Prescott StreetlEmerald Road. Here you'll find a unique farm that raises buffalo and has a view of Worcester Watershed as well as Paxton.

8. CENTRAL TREE ROAD marks the geographic center of Massachusetts. The original central tree is part of the town seal.

9. RUTLAND CONSERVATION LAND. Here at the end of Skyline Drive is the entrance to the former State Hospital, the first tuberculosis hospital in the United States. The land is now open for passive recreation.

10. JORDAN DAIRY FARM. One of the last farms in Rutland, the view is most impressive including Muschopauge Pond, Mount Wachusett and Boston.

11. ROUTE 68. Recommended bike route with six foot shoulders traveling northwest toward Hubbardston and on to Gardner. Future rail trail links are planned to Winchendon and Keene, N. H. At the Rutland/Holden town line note the granite building on the right where MDC's shaft 4 drops 463 feet to the Quabbin aqueduct.

12. HEIFER PROJECT INTERNATIONAL (HPI).View of Mt. Wachusett and Boston. Check out the trail through the woods, animals and HPIs vision for sharing food and agricultural skills in the world. Return soon to help milk the goats, work in the gardens or raise funds for world hunger.

13. RIDGE ROAD WALK begins at Overlook Road in Rutland to Lover's lane in Princeton. Continue to Brooks Station Road, Old Brooks Station Road, Ridge Road and Glenwood Place. After last house on Glenwood Place follow trail through woods to Bigelow Road in Princeton. Side trip: Right onto Princeton Road which becomes Calamint Hill South in Princeton. Just over Princeton line is Burkhardt property, a recent gift to Princeton Land Trust.

14. TREASURE VALLEY Mohegan Council, Boy Scouts of America camp, Pleasantdale Road.