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Dear Greenways Volunteers,

THANK YOU! On Saturday, September 8, you stepped up for super work with Wachusett Greenways on the Mass Central Rail Trail in Oakham and for hospitality and a new member drive at the MCRT in Rutland.

For trail clearing on September 8: Many thanks to Scott Royal, Malcolm Beauvais, Bill Stuart, Chris Ryan, Everett Reynolds, Colleen Abrams along with the WPI APO team: Zayla, Doug, John, Henry and Victor for your wonderful service. Working at the Muddy Pond, Oakham section we mowed the parking and roadside area and trail shoulders, cleared drainage and removed dead trees. Well done!

For hospitality and the member drive on September 8: Many thanks to Sandy Moffett, Grace Blydenburg, Paul Worman, Brian Jette, Sheila Dibb and Colleen Abrams. We welcomed 10 new members! Trail visitors hailed from Rutland, Barre, Oakham, Holden, Worcester, Spencer, North Brookfield, East Brookfield and Charlton. We also greeted a group of Marine recruits gathered for a training run.

We couldn’t do it without you!