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About the Springdale Mill Historic Interpretation Project

The Springdale Mill Site Committee, currently chaired by Ruth Spaulding, oversees planning, coordination and development of the Springdale Mill Historic Site. The work of the Committee includes extensive research into the history of the Mill, resulting in the on-going development and historical interpretation of the site. The Committee has also done careful planning to ensure there is no adverse impact to abutters to the project or the environment.

Wachusett Greenways recognizes the support of the Greater Worcester Community Foundation, and the  important contributions of the project’s original committee members: Colleen Abrams, Anthony Costello, Caleb Dresser, Bob Elms (deceased), Kelley Freda, David Kaplan, John Kovich, Jim Lafley, Hank Ouellette, Mike Peckar, Bruce Pennino, John Scannell, Chuck Skillings, Ruth Spaulding, Jim Taylor, and Ed Yaglou –  among the many who participated. If you have comments, concerns, or suggestions, or want to get involved, please contact us.