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Bench and Granite Pillar Engraving

Wachusett Greenways is grateful to the people who give generously for the  Mass Central Rail Trail.  You are invited to consider an engraving on a granite bench or one of the trail pillars in honor of a special person in your life or simply because you love using the trail.

Your gift to Wachusett Greenways provides a treasured trail for generations to enjoy.  Donors may contribute to these Mass Central Rail Trail (MCRT) Funds:

  • Mass Central Rail Trail Construction – building more of our central 30 miles of this 104 mile east-west trail.
  • Dr. Edward P. Yaglou Mass Central Rail Trail Maintenance Fund – essential trail maintenance.
  • Mass Central Rail Trail Stewardship Endowment Fund – a permanent stewardship fund.

For more information, please contact Wachusett Greenways (contact us) or call Colleen Abrams 508-479-2123.